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Corporate Finance
Working Capital ( Cash Credit ) Busifina
  Working capital finance by way of cash
credit to fund day to day business
  Funds meant to augment working
capital for small and medium business enterprise.
Overdraft Against Property
SME Finance

Overdraft against property, to
increase business opportunity.


Funds to bolster the working of
a small and a medium business enterprise.

Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit

To satisfy your need of advance
payment or performance guarantee.


To satisfy your need to procure raw
material or acquire fixed assets.

Term Loan Bill Discounting

Finance for purchase of fixed assets.


To meet your business requirement.

LC Discounting
Rent Discounting

To meet your business requirement.


Discount your future income to multiply
returns and investment in assets.

Working Capital ( Cash Credit )
Working capital finance by way of cash credit to fund day to day business operations.
Features & Benefits
Interest charged on daily product basis, at monthly rest
Simple documentation
Low processing fee
Speedy approval
All services under one roof
Purpose : To meet working capital requirement of business in form of cash credit facility against inventory and book debts
Eligibility : Promoters with a satisfactory background
Quantum of Facility : Based on turnover, as per RBI guidelines
Documentation : Refer Basic Documents - Corporate Loan
Security :  
Primary : Hypothecation of stock & book debts
Collateral : If required, case to case basis
* Conditions Apply
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