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Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)

RTGS is a more robust payment system enabling inter-bank fund transfers of above Rs.1 Lac. Transfer of funds is done by simple instruction to bank to transfer funds from your account to another bank account whereby settlement is done continuously.

Savings Account, Current Account, CC/ OD Account holder
The attraction of this system:
Strong Technological Support

Dedicated, secure communication backbone with INFINET a state-of-the-art solution


Payee bank and customer receives funds with certainty during the day

Instant service

Time saved, with immediate credit


Sufficient intra day liquidity to cover their outgoing payments


Avoid cheque to transfer funds from one bank account to another

Risk free
  • Significantly reduces settlement risk , as the transfer is instant
  • Reduces credit risk of  receiving participant as they settle payment, as soon as it is accepted by the system for settlement
Hassle free

Does away with the concept of cheque return, bounce and stop payment hassles

National Electronic funds transfer (NEFT)

Presently all our branches are CBS enabled to offer NEFT facility to our customers. This system facilitates an efficient, secure, economical, reliable and expeditious system to transfer fund below Rs 1 Lac. and clearing throughout India.

Savings Account, Current Account, CC/ OD Account holder
Convenience at its best

Fund credited at earliest to beneficiary’s account


Free inward remittance


No hassle of paper based funds transfer and clearing system


No courier/ postal charges

  For more details please visit any of our branches to avail the instant inter bank money transfer facility through RTGS / NEFT.

* Conditions Apply

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