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SMS Banking

“SMS BANKING” is a service that enables you to access your bank accounts using a cellular
mobile phone.
Banking with a cellular mobile phone is like having a bank branch in your palm. You can access
your bank any time, from any place.
All NKGSB Bank customers (account holders) are eligible for accessing “SMS BANKING”
service to access their NKGSB Bank accounts.
NKGSB Bank “SMS BANKING” is offered free to all its customers. For messages sent by
you from registered cellular mobile phone, your mobile operator will levy the applicable SMS
charge to you. But you will not be charged by NKGSB Bank for messages sent by NKGSB Bank.
If you are an existing NKGSB BANK customer, you can register for “SMS BANKING” with
“SMS BANKING” Registration Form. You need to provide your cellular mobile number while
requesting for SMS Banking.
After processing your request, NKGSB Bank will enable your “SMS BANKING” access and
send you a welcome SMS. After you receive the welcome SMS you can start using SMS Banking.

The number to send the SMS messages is “5667789”


Enter the message mode of your mobile phone and type the codes as shown below, and send
them to 5667789. Depending on the load conditions of your mobile phone service operator the
message will be delivered to our system which replies instantly with a reply message as
requested. e. g. If you type SBAL and send it to 5667789, it will reply with the last five digits of
your account number and the clear balance.

Some extra codes:-

SBAL ( In case of single account )
SBAL( In case of multiple accounts) Product Code  Account No.
  (e.g. SBAL SB 1234 or SBAL CD 3456 or SBAL CC 6789, SBAL OD 6789)
LST3 ( In case of single account )
LST3( In case of multiple accounts) Product Code  Account No
  (e.g. LST3 SB 1234 or LST3 CD 3456 or LST3 CC 6789, LST3 OD 6789)
FCHQ (for knowing status of Cheque issued by you drawn on NKGSB Bank)
  Product Code Account No Chq no
  (e.g. FCHQ 876654 SB 1234, FCHQ 876654 CD 1234, FCHQ 876654 CC 1234, FCHQ 876654 OD 1234)
RCHQ (for requesting issue of a new cheque book) Product Code Account No.
  (e.g. RCHQ SB 1234, RCHQ CD 3456, RCHQ CC 3456, RCHQ OD 3467)

You can do the following transactions by sending a SMS message to NKGSB BANK.
Currently the following transactions are available on NKGSB BANK SMS Banking:


  • SBAL - for knowing the clear balance in your account.
  • LST3 – for knowing last three transactions.
  • FCHQ – for knowing status of Cheque issued by you drawn on NKGSB Bank.
  • RCHQ – Request for issue for a new cheque book.

    Additionally, NKGSB Bank will send you messages in case of certain transactions in your account.

  • Account Transaction– Intimation of any transactions in Account of or in excess of Rs. 5000/-
  • Inward / Outward Cheque Return- Intimation of return of clearing instrument
  • SMS Registration– Welcome message of registration
  • Term Deposit Matured– Intimation of deposit maturity
  • Drawing Power Expiry- Intimation for Drawing Power expiry
  • Inward Pending Cheques- Cheques issued by you drawn on NKGSB Bank pending for clearance

  • NKGSB Bank will also update you on products & services offered by bank and announcements
    from time to time.

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