Doctor /Hospital /Clinic Loan to purchase Covid-19 related Equipments / Vaccine

As you take care of others, we take care of you..

Features & Benefits

  • Zero Processing Fees
  • No Gurantors
  • Individuals, Partnerships, Pvt /Ltd Companies/ Trust/AOP offering medical services and requires finance for purpose of equipment / machinery which are used specifically for treatment of Covid-19 patients as also financing for procurement of Covid Vaccines.
  • Margin is 10% on total Invoice Price
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Simple Documentation
  • Speedy Loan Approval


  • Term Loan For Purchase of Covid Related Equipments
  • Working Capital Demand Loan for purchase of Covid Vaccine.


  • Existing / New Professional Medical Practitioner having Degree certificates along with certificate of registration and practise.

Quantum of Loan

  • Term Loan : Up to Rs. 25 Lakh
  • Working Capital Demand Loan : Up to Rs. 200 Lakhs


  • Term Loan - Maximum 84 months
  • Working Capital Demand Loan - Payable within 3 months

Documentation : Refer Basic Documents – Retail Loan

In addition to the Basic Documents

  • Application in the prescribed format.
  • Invoices of machines/ equipment/ vaccines to be purchased from authorized dealers only.
  • IT returns of the applicant and co-applicant for last three years.
  • Net worth certificate of the applicant /co-applicant.
  • FI Report – As applicable.
  • Degree certificates of the borrower along with certificate of registration.
  • All other documents as per existing policy.


  • Term Loan : Hypothecation of Equipment’s / Machinery purchased
  • Working Capital Demand Loan : Hypothecation of stock of Covid Vaccine

Conditions Applied