Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)

RTGS is a more robust payment system enabling inter-bank fund transfers of above ₹ 1 Lac. Transfer of funds is attained by an instruction to the bank to transfer funds from your account to another account whereby settlement is done continuously. (simultaneously).


  • Savings Account, Current Account, CC/ OD Account holder

The attraction of this system

  • Strong Technological Support
    A strong, dedicated and secure communication with INFINET- a state-of-the-art solution
  • Security
    Payee bank and customer receive funds with certainty during the day
  • Instant service
    Immediate credit with no time wasted
  • Liquidity
    Sufficient intraday liquidity to cover their outgoing payments
  • Security
    Avoid cheque to transfer funds from one bank account to another
  • Risk free
    - Transfer is instant and significantly reduces settlement risk
    - Reduces credit risk of the receiving participant as they settle the payment after it is accepted by the system
  • Hassle-free
    Avoid cheque return, bounce and stop payment hassles

National Electronic funds transfer (NEFT)

Presently, all our branches are CBS-enabled to offer NEFT facility to our customers. This system facilitates an efficient, secure, economical, reliable and expeditious system to transfer funds below ₹ 1 Lac. and clearing throughout India.


Savings Account, Current Account, CC / OD Account holder


  • Convenience at its best
    Fund credited at the earliest to the beneficiary's account
  • Free
    Free inward remittance
  • Paperless
    No hassle of paper-based funds transfer and clearing system
  • Savings
    No courier / postal charges

For more details, please visit any of our branches to avail the instant interbank money transfer facility through RTGS / NEFT.

* Conditions Apply