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Mortgage Loan

Mortgage your needs for a happier future

Features & Benefits

  • Interest charged on daily reducing basis
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Simplified documentation
  • Easy repayment options- ECS / Post-dated cheque / Standing Instruction
  • Speedy loan approval


  • House repairs, higher education, travelling expenses, expenses for marriage, thread ceremony, medical,repayment of old debts, business purpose etc.


  • Repayment justification on existing income of the applicants.

Quantum of loan

  • Up to Rs.500.00 lacs
  • 60% of Valuation of the flat or applied amount whichever is lower


  • 40% Margin on Market Value or 30% on Distress Value

Rate of Interest : 9.95% p.a.


Basic documents as per housing loan scheme.

  • House Repairs- Estimate of repairs and renovation.
  • Business- Audited statement of accounts & tax returns - 3 years with purpose.
  • Medical- Medical bills.
  • Ceremony- Invitation Card and estimate of expenditure.
  • Pay off old debts- Acknowledgement of debt.
  • Education- Proof of admission, estimate of course fee & other expenses, mark sheet & certificate of educational qualification etc.
  • Travelling- Copy of tickets, estimate of lodging & boarding etc.
  • All other documents pertaining to immovable security as mentioned in housing loan scheme


  • Equitable / Registered mortgage of the property


  • Up to 12 Years